“There is a famous bible quote “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Had it not been for Nelson Elder Care, this would have applied to me. Nelson Elder Care helped me realize the importance of preparing for my future. Ms. Nelson walked me through what is needed and explained the importance of each section. I felt comfortable asking questions about the “Law”.

As a single mom of two, most of my days are spent providing care, protection and peace of mind for my children. Nelson Elder Care provided assurance that these provisions would continue whether I’m alive or deceased. My children will not have to make decisions concerning me because I have written instructions for them.

I left the office feeling empowered knowing I had made provision for those who would carry on my legacy. I would recommend people find out when Nelson Elder Care will be offering the next free seminar and attend.

I’m telling all of my friends and family."
— Jacquelyn
VA Benefits
“I just wanted to take the time to say “Thank You” to Anissa for everything she did in getting my Mom’s VA benefits. She did an amazing job. It only took 2-months to get VA approval from the time she filed the application. I just checked my Mom’s bank account and the VA money is there. Anissa was very kind and knowledgeable and I am so pleased that my mom will now get the money she deserves to help her. This was huge for us and you don’t know how much it means to me to have someone so competent help me through this journey with my mom."
Thanks Again!!!!!!
— Debby
“Cindy Nelson helped me immensely with the estate planning of my mother. When it came time for her unfortunate passing, she was there to help every step of the way. I can’t express how greatfull I am for Cindy and the entire firm at Nelson Elder Care."
— Christine
“We wanted to write to express what a terrific experience we had at Nelson ElderCare Law. Meg and the rest of the staff were always very professional, friendly, knowledgable and genuinely helpful. Phone calls were always answered or returned promptly, and no question was too much trouble.

Cindy made us feel very welcome and it seemed like we were her most important clients. She took a lot of time to answer our many questions and never seemed in a hurry. Her knowledge and experience in this field are very reassuring, and we learned quite a bit. More important she helped us achieve our goals, and we are very pleased with the trust, wills and other documents she created for us. Though this is a serious business matter Cindy has a way of making you feel like a friend that she is looking out for. We can’t recommend her and her staff highly enough.“
— Jean and Thornton D.
“Your help and assistance have been beyond any expectations I may have had when I first started down the path trying to navigate the legal process of all that was going on with the decline of my mother’s health. I have so appreciated the large and small things that you have done on our behalf. I think back to when I first started on this uncertain and daunting journey, I thank my lucky stars, and whatever else played a part, in placing you in my path....

You have not only shown me and my family kindness with your knowledgeable expertise, but when I recommended a coworker to give you a call with some questions he and his wife had, you were able to answer all their questions and put their minds at ease as to the next steps they needed to take in their lives.

Thank you can be a trite and overused phrase, but I want you to know that for me that is not the case, I’m filled with such gratitude and awareness of what an exceptional person you are in this day and time. I look forward to continuing work with you in various capacities as time goes on.

Thank you again and I just wanted to let you know that I have appreciated all your help and kindness.”
— Marisa
“Our estate documents needed reviewing and updating when we moved to Georgia, but we procrastinated in getting it done as finding someone we felt comfortable with turned out to be a much greater task than we thought it would be. In fact we put the whole project aside until we learned Cindy Nelson would be presenting at a nearby assisted living center. Her presentation was very informative and helpful and we felt comfortable contacting her. Today our documents are all up-to-date. At our advanced age, we have given copies of these documents to our children, as well as all the instructions they will need to settle our estate.

Thank you, Cindy, for all the time you spent with us to get this accomplished.”
— Ray & Ethel
“My husband and I resently came to Nelson Elder Care to get everything in order because we are getting older. They were wonderful to us. We enjoyed our experiance. My son and daugher-in-law were so impressed they made an appointment to get their wills and other legal papers in order. Thanks Cindy for everything you did for us. It has taken a heavy load off my shoulders.”
— Wanda D.
Stop procrastinating!
“On the threshold of retirement, we finally decided to quit thinking we could self-prepare the requisite documents. We had previously had only a very simple will. We needed the necessary legal (including updated will) & health care docs but didn’t want to deal with the time & complication of legalese. Cindy made the process relatively painless. She took the time to explain and answer questions without trying to upsell services. We were done in 2 meetings plus the reading of emailed drafts.
In addition to preparing the documents, Nelson Eldercare will be there when our adult children need advice on executing the plans we’ve put in place.

So glad it’s behind us and would recommend Cindy and her helpful staff.”
— Bonnie
Protect the People They Love
I met Ms. Nelson at the Georgia Gerontology Society’s 2014 Annual Conference, wherein, she was a presenter. Her workshop 4 Legal Documents Everyone Must Have to Protect The People They Love had a tremendous impact on me because over the years I had planned to have my will done, yet; here I am (at age of 65) sitting in her class and it still had not been done. I approached Ms. Nelson and immediately obtain her contact information. Ms. Nelson was not a disappointment. Her work was comprehensive and prices were reasonable. She is personable, professional, down to earth and committed to serving others. She made my husband, daughter and me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Ms. Nelson. Also, she is an excellent presenter!”
— Mildred
Excellent Experience!
“I was recommended by a friend to look into eldercare to protect my financial interest. I was very satisfied with the advice and the help received. I would recommend her services.”
— Anne
“A few weeks ago I met with Cindy Nelson, attorney at law who specializes in elder care. I am 68 years old and in good health, but for many years now I have procrastinated putting my affairs in order. I have two daughters who would be burdened by my death since I had not made provisions and directives for my final wishes. I am a widower, so there is no one else who could arrange my health directives, nursing home, and funeral. It would have been an emotional mess for them and I had been feeling guilty for not taking care of business.

When I arrived at her office I noticed how professional everything was. Her staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful to me. Cindy explained everything to me and made it simple to understand. She brought up some important items that I had never thought about. I agreed with what she had to say and let her prepare the documents which I came back and signed a week later. I had many questions and Cindy took the extra time to make everything clear to me.

I can’t say enough good things about Malia’s input, care and concern for my well being. I now understand why her business card refers to her as a “Client Happiness Specialist.”

Thank you Cindy for giving me the peace of mind that comes with knowing that my children will now know exactly what to do during my time of need.

Please feel free to use my letter to promote Nelson Elder Care so you can multiply your help to other seniors. May God always bless you and your business.”
— Richard H.
“Highly professional and organized attorney who truly cares for her clients. Before you seek advice from any other Elder Law attorney, see Cindy first! You will be as impressed as I was! Thanks for all of your help, Cindy.”
— Kent L.
“Like many people, my husband and I didn’t have a will or any of the other legal documents that go with it. We just assumed that everything would go to the other when one of us passed. Then I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and my oncologist urged us to get this taken care of. Cindy Nelson was so kind and patient. She took the time to explain everything to us, including the fact that, without a will, my estate could be stuck in probate for years. She also made sure our adult son, who has autism, would be protected. Cindy and her team gave us a sense of peace and that’s priceless. I recommend her to everyone.”
— Sharon H.
“Nelson Elder Care Law made the process of creating a will, trust and health directive very easy. Cindy patiently explained each step and what she felt would work best for my life situations. I would definitely recommend Nelson Elder Care Law to anyone that is looking for a knowledgeable attorney to walk them through the process of taking care of your affairs and your love ones when you are no longer able to do so.”
— Rita H.
“Nelson Elder Care Law is a wonderful place to get peace of mind for your loved ones and yourself. Liz Nelson greeted me with a friendly smile, and was very attentive to my needs while I was there. Cynthia listened to my concerns and addressed them with care. She was able to give me an understanding of how certain laws work. She did so without making me feel as though I was asking questions with obvious answers. I highly recommend Nelson Elder Care Law.

To anyone reading this: it is never too early to plan for the future, as we never know what could happen tomorrow. Thank you Nelson Elder Care Law, You’re the best!”
— Rachael H.
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